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Agnès Courrault


Journaliste, reporter Photographe a participé à la création à Paris d’un collectif de photographes, a réalisé durant 15 ans la diffusion et la gestion de reportages sur toute l’actualité artistique Nationale, théâtre, danse, lyrique, portraits d’acteurs. A réalisé de nombreux reportages à l’étranger entre autre en Sibérie, une des premières journalistes à pénétrer dans un Goulag, l’année suivante réalise un reportage à Moscou sur le traumatisme du  » Retour des soldats en Afghanistan ».

Réalisatrice d’un court métrage primé « Léonard Cafard »

Peintre plasticienne réalise une série d’expositions à Arles.
Maître Reiki, pratique une thérapie énergétique manuelle

Installée à Arles de puis vingt ans.

Une bonne journée pour photographier est  une journée où mon esprit est vide et silencieux… Alors il peut se passer quelque chose…

High School Diploma History and Film

Journalist , Reporter Photographer
I participated in Paris to the creation of a collective body of photographers. I realized during 15 years the distributing, and managing news reporting of artistic events at national level ,(theater, dance,lyrical portraits of actors.) I realized several reports abroad among in Siberia I was one of the first journalist to enter in a Gulag , the following year I made a report to Moscow on the trauma of « Return of soldiers in Afghanistan. » Director of a short film  » Leonard Cafard  » shortlisted « Cesar Award » in 1993.
Came to live in Arles. Through my work I have always been in relation with the public, at the core of research and cultural practice , forging interdisciplinary links between institutions and their activities. So with the exhibitions I staged for the city or in my work as Communications Officer for Cultural Affairs of the City of Arles, I try to work in a perspective of some as yet little discussed thematic; to highlight and convey the essence of what is at stake in the city; to accompany and precede the coming changes thanks to cultural actors and artists engaged who generate new synergies.
In teamwork I like what can reproduce at best a range of expression that artists experimenting in territories which are theirs and what appeals to me is being able to crystallize these creative energies to give life to new forms …

Plastic painter I made a series of exhibitions including in Arles, Concques .

Master Teacher Reiki energy therapy practice manual , I organize training re- harmonization , accompanying individuals to the performance of their potential energy.
I like also be attentive and listen to what the eyes can offer each other since this is what will feed the exchange and produce a harmonious restitution …

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